Friends & Members

Friends & Members

You agree with our values and goals and would like to support us?


By paying a yearly amount of your choice and by giving us your details you can become a friend member of Hi-Foundation (as an individual, couple, group, community etc.).


Friend members receive the annual report and balance sheet of the Foundation each year.


Friend members receive a 10% discount on consultation, therapy and coaching services.


Friend members are invited to every event organised by the Foundation.




If you work in the direct communication sector and would like to work for Hi-Foundation, contact us.

our friends:

individuals:                                                      groups:

Anita Heierle, CH.                                      aMeps CH

Céline Mugnier, F

Drita Kola, AL

Hedwige Roulin, CH

Jean-François Roulin, CH

Jean-Luc Christen, CH

Isabelle Plan, CH

Steven Leeds, USA

Alice Gormand, F

Paul-André Widmer, CH

Marta Suarez, CH

Carole Croix, CH

Eva Crisafulli, CH




Hedi Roulin


Are you looking for lasting change in your professional or private life? I accompany you in this tailor-made approach.

079 612 03 68

I am engaged since several years in the Coaching approache of Steve Gilligan, one of my prefered teachers. He says :

« The idea of acceptance and cooperation puts that of deliberately trying to appreciate a person in a different light. It means that life is moving through the person, distinct in each moment, and, therefore, change is already in motion. Rather than imposing something on clients, the coach senses and blends with their immediate processes. This is an active and dynamic responsiveness, not a passive and purposeless one. It is an art that requires enormous devotion and study. How does the therapist center his or her attention, be attentive yet flexible, expect nothing but be ready for anything, be soft yet effective? »